Design your life: Co-housing could become the Uber, Airbnb of the way we live

Once upon a time, “alternate living” conjured images of mud brick homes, hippies and a vegan diet.
Now, in an era of disruptive platforms like Uber, Airbnb and Airtasker, the way we live could be next in line for a radical shake-up.
The new buzz on the homeowner horizon is „co-housing“, a movement that is gaining momentum overseas, particularly in Canada, North America and Britain. Co-housing revolves around the creation of a small community of homeowners who share, perhaps, a common space and common land.
On the face of it, that might not sound too different to a strata title development, a retirement village or a “lifestyle park” populated with pre-fab chalets, cabins and the like.
The difference is that the homeowners in a co-housing venture co-design their living environment and intentionally create the community they  want to become part of.
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